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Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn

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Have you been issued a NYC DOT sidewalk violation in Brooklyn? Is a driveway on your property deteriorated or you simply want to update it with a brick or concrete or asphalt? What does nyc sidewalk repair cost and do you need a work permit from the city? Questions like these delay repairs which will in turn end up costing you more money in a long run. Worry no more, our sidewalk repair nyc contractors are here to provide you with the solutions to all nyc concrete repairs, installations and all NYC DOT sidewalk violations problems.

About Us
Our sidewalk repair Brooklyn team of concrete contractors has been proudly bringing driveways and sidewalks repair services to Brooklyn, NYC for many years. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, you can rely on our company expertise and Brooklyn sidewalk contractors’ years of experience. The pride and care we take in our work have allowed us to expand now to Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan boroughs.

We are a team of licensed professional contractors who will not only come to do the job but first will assess the project with great details and then provide you with the right solution to the given problem. We will take time to explain the difference between concretebrick, and asphalt pavements. We will outline all pros and cons because no project is alike.

Based on the usage, environment, and budget, our sidewalk repair Brooklyn concrete contractors will provide you with the best options available for any NYC sidewalk repair or installation within a short period of time. Years of experience in Brooklyn have given us the advantage to assess the situation accurately from the first time and earn your trust and confidence from the beginning.

We are honored to be a part of the community and bring our expertise to all New Yorkers while making our city safer and more appealing one walkway at a time.

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kendra george
kendra george
Yury Mamonov
Yury Mamonov
Simur Shamaev
Simur Shamaev
Received dot sidewalk violation call these guys and got a same day onsite estimate. Job was done within a week, concrete sidewalk repair was done within few days...good customer service and communication.
Aysel Ishayeva
Aysel Ishayeva
We purchased our home in Ditmas Park a few months ago and unfortunately we were not told that the sidewalk needed to be fixed in front of our house. Even though, repairs would have cost us less, my husband and I decided to go for a new sidewalk installation to make sure there is no color mismatch. Personally dealt with the contractor name Jorge, who took his time and provided me with all pros/cons. Very happy with our new sidewalk...YAY!

NYC Sidewalk Violation Removal

According to Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications, NYC law requires all property owners to construct, install, repave, repair, and reconstruct sidewalks adjacent to their property with their own money. NYC DOT inspects pedestrians walkways in the whole city to make sure that they are safe. In case a walkway is found defective, dot issues the property owner a sidealk violation notice. However, it is always better to perform repairs before a condition turns into a defect, which gives rise to a violation.

Our team of sidewalk maintenance contractors is not new to dealing with dot violations. In a city like Brooklyn, population is close to 2.65 million people. An estimated total of 12, 500 miles of pathways are being walked on daily. As a result, sidewalk restorations in Brooklyn are unavoidable. Our professional concrete sidewalk repair NYC services company is an expert in all NYC sidewalk replacements and reconstructions based on NYC dot requirements. If you do not address the violation in time, you may end up paying more and getting a service that does not meet your requirements. After all, the city is more concerned about safety for all Brooklyn residents and is not here to meet your budget and appearance requirements.

We will address all the defects according to NYC DOT specifications and help you to dismiss the sidewalk violation at no cost to you. You will be a decision maker on what kind of walkway to use in front of your home or what price to pay. You have only 75 days to fix the problem. We can help you meet the deadline and provide timely sidewalk services for all your concrete, brick, or asphalt reconstructions and improvements.  

Concrete Driveway & Sidewalk Repair

Concrete is one of the most durable materials for sidewalks and driveways but it is not uncommon for it to crack. Sometimes only a few months into placement. In such a case, as a property owner, of course, you are bound to doubt the quality of the work done. However, strong, crack-resistant concrete does not just happen by accident. Prior to concrete installation, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. Things such as quality of the material, base upon which the walkway is installed, accurate proportions of the material used when concrete is mixed, and weather and climate overall. Brooklyn weather can be unforgiving to all types of sidewalks and driveways.

Our model is to first understand the problem and then offer the best possible solution. Plus, our sidewalk repair Brooklyn contractors use the highest quality material so when you work with us, you are assured that your pathway or driveway is completely fixed and you do not have to worry about violations and other resulting pains.

Sidewalk & Driveway Concrete Installation

Sometimes, sidewalks repairs NYC projects are beyond restoration due to their bad condition. In this case, sidewalk replacement is required. The cost to install an average sidewalk depends on several factors.  Sidewalk replacement in Brooklyn is not the same as in Queens or Bronx. Material and finish grade, surface area and material volume, preparation and special needs are all the things that determine the cost of the project.

Whether you go with colored concrete or stamped concrete, our sidewalk contractors will go the extra mile to bring you and your commercial or residential property the look it deserves. We will help you make the right decision based on your requirements.

Sidewalk & Driveway Asphalt Pavers & Repair

There are a few basic things to know about asphalt in Brooklyn. The days of cheap oil and cheap hot mix are over, so pavement managers are looking for lower-quality alternatives for customers who are looking to either install or repair driveway or walkway for their Brooklyn properties. Asphalt is a mixture of bitumen and aggregates. This is an amazingly durable material and an improved option for large areas and those where there is usually plenty of action. This type of driveway is a great way to add value to your home. This adds to the beauty of any home, and most importantly it provides more space. Such access driveway is usually installed by specialized licensed contractors and have work experience have their equipment.

Sidewalk & Driveway Asphalt Pavers & Installation

Some NYC residents prefer an asphalt driveway or a walkway because it needs less maintenance than others. A concrete driveway tends to be 45 percent more expensive than an asphalt driveway. As a result, asphalt has more buyers in most areas. Whether it is necessary to install a new access driveway or replace the old asphalt driveway in NYC, Brooklyn, or any other borough, the access driveway to asphalt is undoubtedly one of the best choices.  

To better understand the best solution to your problem, a qualified asphalt company needs to evaluate the area for asphalt pavement. Our team of experts can repair or replace asphalt for your residential or commercial property. If you let us handle your project, you will be treated with superb customer service and quality work.

Sidewalk & Driveway Brick Pavers & Repair

​Brick walkways and driveways have been a part of people’s homes in Brooklyn for many centuries now. They have a unique aesthetic appeal unmatched by no other material. And when you come to us for your brick walkway and driveway solutions, you are specially taken care of. When our contractors, do not be surprised by the many compliments your home will start to receive. 

Also, if a look at your walkway is not very important to you, all owners of residential and commercial properties in Brooklyn are still responsible to make sure that all areas adjacent to your property are well-maintained and safe. If it is damaged, by NYC dot law, it is your responsibility to replace or reconstruct it with your own money. 

Sidewalk & Driveway Brick Pavers & Installation

As almost every house has a lawn, it has a pathway leading to the front door or patio. When it comes to sidewalk installation design, Brooklyn homeowners are free to use their creativity. With so many options to choose from, sometimes it takes a very decisive person to finally make a decision. Different brick designs and patterns, various colors and combinations. Some are so unique in design, that it is certain to draw attention from passersby, your neighbors, and your family. Our NYC brick repair and installation contractors can guide you in your decision-making. Even though there are many options, there are certain requirements that each NYC property owner must know and follow. We will educate you on everything you need to know before any reconstructions or improvements take place. Our brick contractors are experienced in all technical specifications related to walkways and driveways. 

We are  NYC licensed contractors and we love Brooklyn, its old streets, and its diverse neighborhoods. Our mission is simple, yet very important to us. We would like to keep all our Brooklyn streets and roads in good repair and safe for all New Yorkers and thousands of tourists who come to visit us each year.

Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn

If you need to do sidewalk repair in Brooklyn, there are some important steps to follow.

First, you’ve likely received a Department of Transportation (DOT) notice alerting you of a sidewalk violation, meaning you have to repair the sidewalk. If you don’t, DOT will do the repairs and send you the bill.

It’s better that you find a sidewalk repair contractor in Brooklyn and manage the repairs yourself.

Second, you may be wondering: Do I need a permit to fix my sidewalk?

The answer is yes. If you hire a qualified sidewalk repair contractor in Brooklyn, you will have to ensure they obtain all the necessary permits before starting the repair work. You can contact DOT and ask for a “Sidewalk Construction Permit.”

Permits cost $70 for every 300 linear feet of sidewalk, which covers the final inspection.

​Here’s the process:

Once you receive the violation, you have 75 days to find a sidewalk repair contractor in Brooklyn and complete the repairs. Once the work is done, an inspector will have to verify the work and you’ll have to obtain a “Sidewalk Violation Dismissal.”

You may also be wondering why you received a sidewalk violation from DOT in the first place. What exactly constitutes a sidewalk violation and the need for sidewalk repair in Brooklyn?

There are several reasons a sidewalk notice of violation is issued, resulting in the need for you to do sidewalk repair. Usually it involves defects with the flags, which are the squares that make up the sidewalk.

For instance, perhaps one of the flags is missing or is cracked enough that it’s loose or even removed. A loose or missing flag can be a tripping hazard, giving rise to the need for sidewalk repair.

Flags may also be sloped or uneven, or be patched with different material that isn’t approved by the DOT.

What about a notice that refers to a freestanding sidewalk flag?

Freestanding in regards to a sidewalk flag means the concrete square is not attached to the surface below it. This results in a violation because it can also create a tripping hazard.

With any type of sidewalk violation, it’s best to find a sidewalk repair contractor and get the issue settled as quickly as possible.

Picking a Sidewalk Repair NYC Contractor

According to the government of New York City, there are 12,750 miles of sidewalks to maintain. That makes NYC sidewalk repair a priority, as those walks are used by millions of people every day.

If you’re a property owner in NYC, you also need to know that sidewalk repair is your responsibility. While the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) does repair sidewalks that are on city-owned property, it’s up to property owners to maintain their own sidewalks.

If you don’t look after repairs, the city may handle the repairs themselves by hiring a concrete sidewalk repair contractor and then charging you for the cost. So if you receive an NYC DOT sidewalk violation, you’d probably prefer to hire your own sidewalk repair NYC contractor. This will help ensure you get a quality contractor, and monitor costs to keep them in line.

Here’s what you need to know about picking a concrete sidewalk repair contractor.

Select a Licensed Contractor

NYC sidewalk repair is a common occurrence, so the city has the resources to help property owners ensure it’s done well. The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs requires contractors, including NYC concrete repair contractors, to have a license to perform home improvement work costing more than $200. That means those who have performed sidewalk repair in NYC will be listed by the DCA.

Our NYC concrete contractors are licensed and listed by NYC and have years of experience in sidewalk repair and installation in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

Get References

It’s also worth checking work previously done by the concrete sidewalk repair contractor you’re interested in hiring. That can mean checking their past work online and reading reviews.

Handle Repairs in a Timely Fashion

DOT staff inspects sidewalks and will notify property owners of any necessary repairs by issuing an NYC DOT sidewalk violation. Once you’ve received the notice, you have 75 days to look after repairs. As part of the process, you have to ensure your contractor has the necessary permits. Following the repair work, you have to ask DOT to return to inspect the sidewalk and ensure the work was completed.

If you don’t fix the sidewalk within 75 days, DOT may do the repairs or hire a contractor, and then bill you for the work. You’re also responsible for keeping the sidewalk clean and removing snow in the winter.

Follow the Process

Your sidewalk repair in NYC has to follow what’s required by DOT. Sidewalk squares will be marked with a number on the inspection report you receive with your DOT violation notice. Each square that’s marked must be replaced or have all defects corrected. DOT has a handy checklist to follow for your repair process.

Final Thoughts

Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner in NYC.

Using our handy guide, you can be sure to pick the right sidewalk repair contractor and look after your DOT violation notice in a timely fashion.

Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn Areas We Service

Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair and Installation Pros services the entire Brooklyn borough. All of our concrete contractors have years of experience working with concrete. With years of experience, we can repair sidewalks and/or remove the NYC DOT Sidewalk Violation within the shortest time possible. All our projects comply with NYC DOT Sidewalk Repair requirements. 

Call us today and our teams will help with all of your commercial or residential sidewalk repair projects. We will provide you with the best possible solution and ensure your requirements are met.

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