NYC Sidewalk Repair And Violation Removal Services


    NYC Sidewalk Violation Removal AND REPAIR Services IN Brooklyn NY

    A variety of issues with sidewalks can result in violations of safety standards. One common problem is a sunken sidewalk, which poses a tripping hazard. Other issues include stumbling blocks that can cause accidents, protruding hardware that can injure pedestrians, tree roots that disrupt the surface, incorrect inclines that make it difficult to navigate, and shoddy repairs that don’t meet safety requirements. Addressing these concerns is crucial to ensuring safe sidewalks for everyone.

    Upon receiving a sidewalk violation in Brooklyn, it is crucial to address the repairs within a 75-day timeframe. Failure to comply may result in the DOT hiring a contractor or conducting expedited sidewalk repair themselves. In such cases, the DOF (Department of Finance) will subsequently invoice you for the expenses incurred during the repair process. Timely action is essential to avoid unnecessary costs and ensure compliance with regulations.

    ​Eligibility for Sidewalk Repair

    If you find yourself ineligible for expedited sidewalk repair and neglect to fix the damaged sidewalk, you may face potential fines. It’s important to note that expedited sidewalk repair services specifically focus on installing concrete sidewalks. Therefore, if you require a different material for your sidewalk, it may not be covered under the expedited repair program. For sidewalks constructed with materials such as granite, brick, or slate, and you prefer the repair to be done using the same material, it becomes your responsibility as the property owner to make the necessary arrangements for the repair. Moreover, the city does not handle sidewalk repairs that involve vaults or other structures. This is due to the significant structural work required to fix sidewalks over vaults. Additionally, certain properties do not qualify for expedited repair, including those scheduled for capital reconstruction, commercial properties, and properties with four or more residential units.

    Choosing NYC sidewalk Replacement Contractor

    Every sidewalk square which is marked with a number on the initial inspection report must be replaced and all the defects have to be corrected. For Sidewalk repairs services Brooklyn, it is important you pick an experienced contractor with dot sidewalk repair specifications and has the necessary permits. And after the work is done, you will have to request that dot inspects your sidewalk to confirm that the work conforms to standards and that it was completed. But before you pay any cash or before any work begins, ask to see the permits and licenses and also check for a contractor’s complaint history. Furthermore, always check out at least three reputable references before you hire a contractor. 

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    Violation Dismissal

    To ensure the dismissal of NYC Sidewalk Violation Removal in Brooklyn, it is crucial to fulfill all necessary repairs. The property owner needs to contact 311 and request a dismissal inspection. When making the call, it’s essential to have specific details ready, including the property address, permit number, block and lot number, as well as the violation number. Completing these steps will facilitate the efficient resolution of Brooklyn sidewalk violations.

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