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    Top Sights in Bensonhurst Brooklyn

    Bensonhurst, Brooklyn is a residential area in the southwest part of Brooklyn. 

    Once thought of as a working-class area, it still retains some of that old world Brooklyn feeling. There are low-rises, row houses, and semi-detached homes on tree-lined streets, allowing it to retain its charm. Without the huge skyscrapers of a big city, Bensonhurst feels more like a small town. 

    Bensonhurst has everything you need, and is still close enough to commute to Manhattan.

    Bensonhurst is also known as a Little Italy of Brooklyn due to the large number of Italian-Americans, and it has become home to Brooklyn’s second Chinatown, with many residents from China and Hong Kong. These ethnic groups are just two of the diverse communities in this culturally diverse area.

    As a result, dining in Bensonhurst also offers some ethnically diverse choices. There’s Italian comfort food, Asian specialties, and more. 

    Lt. Joseph Petrosino Playground

    Seth Low Playground

    Bealin Square

    Concrete Sidewalk Repair Bensonhurst Brooklyn

    Bensonhurst is an ideal place to purchase property and make a home. But like any neighborhood of New York City, the property owners of Bensonhurst are responsible for the sidewalks outside their establishment. That includes homes, apartments and businesses, and includes maintaining, repairing and installing sidewalks adjoining the properties.

    The city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) monitors sidewalks and accepts complaints, and can issue violations if the sidewalk is damaged. Or, the DOT can look after the repair and bill the property owner, leaving you with a bill for repair and uncertainty whether it was handled properly. 
    So if you own property here, it’s essential that you know the best sidewalk repair Bensonhurst  contractors. You want your  sidewalk repair Bensonhurst done right. 

    Your sidewalk doesn’t have to be crumbling apart to need repair. The DOT has several different standards that makeup what’s considered a defective sidewalk:

    Uneven sidewalk flags

    Loose sidewalk flags

    Cracked sidewalk flags or those that can be easily removed, or have been removed

    Undermined flags below which there is a visible void

    An improper sidewalk slope

    Hardware that isn’t flush with the sidewalk surface

    A sidewalk that wasn’t constructed in the first place

    Our Sidewalk Repair  Bensonhurst team is your best choice to handle any type of sidewalk repair, however big or small. As the top Bensonhurst sidewalk repair contractors, our expertise extends to sidewalk repair, patio repair and crack repair. We can also manage complete sidewalk replacement, or new sidewalk installation. We do sidewalk lifting, sidewalk leveling and sidewalk mudjacking.
    We do expert sidewalk repair in Bensonhurst Brooklyn for homeowners, landlords and business owners. We’ll ensure your sidewalk fits with the era and style of your home or business. 

    We’ll also ensure our sidewalk repair Bensonhurst can withstand the harsh conditions of Brooklyn summers and winters, springs and falls. Get a sidewalk that lasts through the freeze and thaw cycle of our weather, with sidewalk repair in Brooklyn that knows Brooklyn.
    If you have a sidewalk that needs some TLC, contact Sidewalk Repair and Installation Pros for all your Bensonhurst sidewalk repair needs.

    Sidewalk Repair Areas We Service

    Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair and Installation Pros services the entire Brooklyn borough. All of our concrete contractors have years of experience working with concrete. With years of experience, we can repair sidewalks and/or remove the NYC DOT Sidewalk Violation within the shortest time possible. All our projects comply with NYC DOT Sidewalk Repair requirements.

    Call us today and our teams will help with all of your commercial or residential sidewalk repair projects. We will provide you with the best possible solution and ensure your requirements are met.