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    Brooklyn NYC CONCRETE Sidewalk installation and Driveway Installation Company IN Brooklyn NY

    When it comes to the concrete sidewalk installation or driveway installation, it is important to consider several things. With so many options to make a sidewalk aesthetically pleasing, in Brooklyn all sidewalk repairs on installation must comply with city’s regulations because they are open to pedestrians. According to the NYC DOT (Department of Transportation) laws, sidewalks adjacent to a residential or commercial property are the responsibility of the property owner. Not only the owner is responsible to make all necessary repairs to the damaged sidewalk in specific time frame, but the cost of sidewalk repairs must be covered out of owner’s pocket.

    The NYC sidewalk regulations, which are applicable to all boroughs including Brooklyn, does not require owners to provide specific type of sidewalk. If you fail to fix the sidewalk, DOT will install NYC concrete sidewalk on your property for you and then send you a bill. If your sidewalk is made of granite, slate, brick, or some other asphalt and you want to replace it with the same material you must make arrangements to repair it privately.

    How to Avoid Sidewalk Repairs Done by DOT

    To avoid this, you must repair sidewalk in front of your property within 75 days of issued violation issued. Otherwise, if city will install it for you and then you need to replace again it based on your requirements.

    All other concrete sidewalk installation or driveway installation on your property may be designed according to you personal preferences. Our concrete sidewalk installation services offer flexibility in terms of styles, colors and patterns and me under the pride each owner takes in home ownership. Brooklyn Sidewalk Repairs and Installations Pros will make your vision become reality by providing top quality work for all your concrete walkways and driveways.

    Whether you are installing a new sidewalk or needing repair or replacement, or wanting something custom such as a stamped concrete design, we are the right choice.

    Brooklyn Sidewalk Repairs and Installations Pros can help you to get the concrete sidewalk or driveway you want. We know how to install and repair concrete walkways and sidewalk of all shapes and sizes. We can handle any project related to concrete sidewalk installation in nyc. From standard concrete sidewalk or custom concrete design, we are your concrete sidewalk go to team in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan.