Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair


    Sidewalk Repair in Brooklyn NY

    Homeowners in Brooklyn

    Have a unique responsibility to keep their sidewalks in excellent shape. 

    That’s because the New York DOT code requires property owners to install, repair and maintain sidewalks adjoining their properties. 

    The Department of Transportation (DOT) has staff who inspect properties and notify the owner if repairs are needed. This means at some point, you’ll need to handle sidewalk repair in Brooklyn. And when you’re looking for the best Brooklyn sidewalk repair contractors, you should contact Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair and Installation Pros. That’s because our team of professional contractors can handle every type of Brooklyn sidewalk repair. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, a home, or an apartment, we will handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of every type of sidewalk.

    When you choose Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair and Installation Pros you know you’ll get a contractor who is familiar with DOT specifications for sidewalk repair work. 

    For instance, if you’ve received a notice of violation, we understand the process, starting with obtaining the necessary permits before beginning the work. We know how to obtain a Sidewalk Repair Permit before we get started. 

    It’s important to remember if you receive a notice of repair and don’t handle it in a timely manner, the City may hire a private construction firm to make the repairs and then bill you, the property owner. Then you’ll have to live with the end result and the much higher bill.

    Another thing to consider is while you wait for the DOT to repair your sidewalk, you as a property owner are still liable to all pedestrians. If a pedestrian slip and fall you the sidewalk that is part of your property, then you may be sued and be held responsible for all the damage associated with the sidewalk slip and fall. Wouldn’t you rather look after it yourself? Then you can ensure you get the best sidewalk repair in Brooklyn, by contacting Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair and Installation Pros.

    We can then handle the repair or replacement of every type of sidewalk, from crack repair to the replacement of individual flagstones to the complete installation of a new sidewalk. Whether or not you’ve received a notice from the city, we can repair your sidewalk to the appropriate specifications. 

    Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn Services

    Here are some examples of our Brooklyn sidewalk repair.

    Crack repair : - The repeated freeze and thaw cycle in Brooklyn can result in cracks that make the sidewalk uneven. We may be able to repair the cracks and even out the footing without a full replacement.

    Sidewalk Flag replacement : - If your sidewalk is made of individual sidewalk flags, we can replace them while ensuring the installation is done properly.

    Concrete repair and replacement : - We’ll ensure you get strong, crack resistant concrete by handling proper preparation, quality materials, a quality base and then accurate proportions of the material when mixing and applying the concrete.

    Asphalt repair and replacement : - Asphalt is a special substance made of a mix of bitumen and aggregates, providing a durable option in Brooklyn. But it needs to be repaired and installed properly, and we know how to do it. Other types of sidewalk repair and replacement: We can work with you to determine other options as necessary, such as brick pavers, sidewalk flags or stamped concrete. And after the work is completed, we also know the necessary steps if you’ve received a notice of violation. We ensure the work is done in the required time frame, and then arrange for a Sidewalk Violation Dismissal which includes a visit from a city inspector. We know your work will be completed to your satisfaction, and the satisfaction of the inspector.

    For all your Brooklyn sidewalk repair needs, contact Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair and Installation Pros today.

    Sidewalk Repair Areas We Service

    Brooklyn Sidewalk Repair and Installation Pros services the entire Brooklyn borough. All of our concrete contractors have years of experience working with concrete. With years of experience, we can repair sidewalks and/or remove the NYC DOT Sidewalk Violation within the shortest time possible. All our projects comply with NYC DOT Sidewalk Repair requirements.

    Call us today and our teams will help with all of your commercial or residential sidewalk repair projects. We will provide you with the best possible solution and ensure your requirements are met.